For the past 35 years, Transtar Management Corp has provided real estate management and leasing services to many of the country's most significant pension funds, family trusts, and individual investors. Unlike a national chain property management company, Transtar has local knowledge, institutional procedures, and a "boutique feel" that lets owners know that their property is being given individual attention.

Our local knowledge of the Orange County leasing market has been invaluable to owners attempting to maximize the returns on their assets. Transtar has managed and leased over six million square feet of property in Southern California and has assisted in selling or disposing of over a billion dollars in real estate.

Management, leasing, and financial reporting for property owners is Transtar Management Corp's focus. Our team has a tremendous breadth of experience and can answer any questions that you may have about Transtar's Management Corp's capabilities or ideas for your property.

Assets under management

Client accounting services provided by Transtar Management Corp employ comprehensive financial management and reporting techniques customized to meet the distinct requirements of each client. Our team of experienced professionals guarantees precise and punctual recording of financial transactions, encompassing rent collection, vendor payments, and expense tracking. We strictly adhere to industry best practices and leverage advanced software systems to streamline accounting processes, furnishing our clients with transparent and comprehensive financial statements and reports. Our goal is to help you maintain efficient financial operations and make well-informed decisions to optimize profitability.

Our dedicated team is well-versed in contract negotiation, administration, and oversight. We ensure that all contracts comply with  industry standards, mitigating risks and maximizing client benefits. Additionally, our vendor management expertise guarantees seamless coordination with suppliers, contractors, and service providers. We carefully select and evaluate vendors, negotiate competitive pricing, and monitor performance to maintain the highest level of service quality. With our comprehensive approach to contract and vendor management, you can focus on your core business while we handle the rest. Trust Transtar Management Corp to streamline your operations and optimize your efficiency.

We employ proactive marketing techniques and leverage our extensive network to attract qualified tenants and minimize downtime. However, we do so with a deep understanding of your unique needs and considerations for your property. Our experienced professionals excel in lease negotiations, ensuring favorable terms and conditions that protect your interests and maximize profitability. We conduct thorough tenant screenings to find reliable and responsible occupants who will uphold your property’s standards. With our expertise and meticulous attention to detail, you can confidently rely on us to optimize occupancy rates and secure long-term, mutually beneficial leases, providing you with reassurance.

We have the expertise and knowledge to successfully oversee construction projects from start to finish, guaranteeing exceptional results. Our experienced team handles all aspects of the construction process, including contractor selection, budget control, and quality assurance, with meticulous planning and management. We prioritize open communication with all property owners to keep you informed throughout the project. Our unwavering attention to detail ensures your complete confidence in our ability to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the utmost standards of quality.

Through our comprehensive approach, we ensure that our clients receive accurate and insightful reports tailored to their specific needs. Our experienced team meticulously records and analyzes financial data, ensuring the information is reliable and up to date. We leverage software systems to streamline the reporting process, enabling us to generate clear and detailed financial statements, expense reports, and other customized reports efficiently.

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